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What if tomorrow the moon disappears ...?

Have you ever wondered what kind of advantages the moon gives us? Imagine if the moon disappears on the day of tomorrow? If the moon stops illuminating us in the night, then what can be done? Have you ever thought about this? Find out in the slides that if the moon disappears on the day of tomorrow, then what can be done with us ...

What will happen to gravity? Do you know that gravity that gravitates us on the earth is due to the moon? If you do not know then know now. In such a way, if the moon disappears then how can we survive? Due to the Moon itself, the situation of tidal flooding occurs in the oceans.
If the moon goes out, then the earth will shrink rapidly. Ace will increase the sun's stretch. And the earth that rotates in its orbit will be closed. Then what will you do?
Do you want 24 hours a day? If the moon will disappear on the day of tomorrow, then where the night is, there will be night and where there is a day there will al…