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Frozen Fun: Try These Cold-Weather Science Experiments

With absurdly low temperatures gripping the eastern half of the United States and Canada, several cities and towns have cancelled school for the day, leaving parents with youngsters stuck indoors — a recipe for cabin fever.
For those looking to keep their kiddos occupied, there's a way to use the extreme cold for some entertainment (and sneak in a little science education, too). Here, LiveScience has rounded up a few fun experiments that can be done with just a little time outdoors (make sure to bundle up!), from making frozen soap bubbles to creating your own colorful snow. (There's also one experiment to make sure the little ones don't try.)
Frozen bubbles Kids love bubbles. And while summer is typically the time to crack open a bottle of bubbles, there's a way to make them work in the winter. If it's cold enough outside (this post at the blog Apartment Therapyrecommends temperatures below about 9 to 12 degrees…