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Top 5 Most Intelligent People of The WorldThe brain is the most mysterious part of the human body. It is the most essential parts of our system. But what is really with the brain that make other people seem to be so smart? some call them abnormalities but others take it as a gift. There are a lot of most intelligent people all around the world. We are only left amazed and interested to find out who are the smartest people in the world? And what they have accomplished. 1. Terence Tao
Terrence Tao has a verified IQ of 230. Gifted with an amazing IQ of 230, Terence Tao makes it to this list of most intelligent people of the world. He is an Australian-born Chinese American mathematician. He is working in harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, additive combinatorics, ergodic Ramsey theory, random matrix theory, and analytic number theory. At just 8 years, Tao achieved a score of 760 on the pre-1995 SAT, received a Ph.D from Princeton at 20 and at 24 became the youngest ever ful…