Hulu will be the first streaming service available on Nintendo Switch

Hulu will be the first streaming service available on Nintendo Switch

In its weekly email newsletter highlighting upcoming releases, Nintendo revealed that Hulu will be the first streaming service to hit the Switch, and it will be available within the next week. Nintendo has stated on multiple occasions since the launch of the Switch in March that streaming services would eventually come to the new console, but no detailed plans were ever discussed. If Nintendo’s newsletter is to be believed, Hulu could be available later today.

Oddly, neither Nintendo nor Hulu have said anything about the arrival of Hulu on Switch yet. The only indication that it’s coming are the mention of the app in the email to press and a currently blank page on Nintendo’s website.
Providing this isn’t an error on Nintendo’s part (and the page on suggests it isn’t), Hulu will plug one of the only major holes in the Switch ecosystem. As we said in our review earlier this year, the Switch is one of the most impressive consoles Nintendo has ever released, but the fact that it didn’t launch with any media apps was odd. Even the Wii U, as flawed as it was, had access to Netflix and other streaming services at launch.
Nintendo didn’t include a release date for the Hulu app in its email newsletter, but there’s a decent chance that it will be available on the eShop in North America when the digital store updates at 12 PM ET. The Hulu app will be free to download, but you’ll either need to have an active subscription or start a free trial to watch anything.
UPDATE 11/9 | 11:18 AM ET: Hulu has confirmed that the Hulu app (with Live TV) will hit Switch at noon ET:


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